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Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait

Abundant creativity and a brain always in search of learning despite a difficult life, this is what sums up the career of Vincent Willem van Gogh, today one of the best painters in the world. These same values have been the foundations of Station Culture since its creation, and also reflect the personal and professional lives of its founders Imy and Joey.

Station Culture wants to bring art and culture to the doors of the general public, through a panoply of exclusive artistic and cultural products as well as thematic articles on its blog to enrich our knowledge. Our team goes all out to reconcile quality and price with unique designs that we have specifically designed to delight you.

Imy and Joey were always fans of Van Gogh, his journey and his work. It was after their visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in 2019 that they decided to launch Station Culture with such a passionate and motivated team.

Vincent van Gogh signature
La naissance

Our vision is oriented towards safeguarding human heritage through its digitization and free access for all citizens around the world.

As a result, our shop is a first step towards the realization of a major project, we hope, international!

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